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Flavor Of Valley
Flavor Of Valley

Mercimek Koftesi

Mercimek Koftesi
½ cup red lentil, washed and drained
1 cup fine bulgur
2 ½ cups water
1 onion, chopped finely
2 tbsp tomato paste
¼ cup olive oil
½ tsp black pepper
1/3 tsp cumin
1 tsp salt to taste
¼ cup hot water
½ bunch fresh parsley, chopped finely
½ tsp dried mint/3-4 pairs of fresh mint, chopped finely
2 green onions, only green parts chopped finely
Lettuce leaves or arugula
Lemon wedges

Boil red lentil with 2 ½ cup of water. Make sure the lentils are soft but there is still some water in the bottom. Turn the heat of and stir in fine bulgur, close the lid. Leave for at least 10 minutes to make bulgur absorb all the water and expand.
Meanwhile, sauté onions with olive oil over medium heat. And then stir in tomato paste. Saute for 1-2 minutes and add salt and hot water. Transfer to the pot with bulgur and red lentils. Stir in spices, green onions and parsley. Mix them all. If it is cooled enough mix all with your hands and make pates like on the picture above. If the mixture sticks, wet your hands with water occasionally.
Serve Lentil Pates with lettuce leaves or arugula and lemon wedges. Also keep them in the fridge.


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