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Commonly known as dwarf nettle, annual nettle or small nettle, Urtica urens is a semi-woody plant belonging to genus Urtica that grows annually. Traditionally, people have been using this herb as a medication for skincare as well as alleviate skin inflammation or itchiness. In effect, scientists have especially studied the herb Urtica urens for its potential in supporting the skin when external irritants result in certain complaints.
Precisely speaking, the herb annual nettle is an appropriate remedy for urticaria, also known as hives or nettle rash. Herbalists prescribe this herb for people who endure reddish, scorching, stinging outbreaks on the skin that are likely to be distended or scratchy. The symptoms of this condition usually worsen after the patient has taken a bath, or exposed to warmth. Even undertaking strenuous exercises also leads to the deterioration of the symptoms. In addition, the itching seems to become worse when the patient wakes up in the morning, which may perhaps result in a fear of going to bed at night. Besides alleviating hives and related skin conditions, this herb is also effective in treating actual burns and/ or burns caused by steam or boiling water (scalds) accompanied by characteristic blistering. Urtica urens is also an useful herb for curing skin conditions, such as stinging, blistering, reddish allergic rashes that may be a result of insect bites, stings, shellfish or even coming in contact with certain plants.
Way back, during the 1st century CE, ancient Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides had recommended the use of Urtica urens as well as Urtica dioica, a member of the same genus, for treating nosebleeds, worsening injuries as well as belated menstruation. Even in the Western herbal medicine, Urtica urens has as long tradition for being used to treat a number of health conditions and it is held in high esteem even to this day.
Annual nettle is an incredibly strong herbaceous plant and this makes cultivation of this plant for multiple uses quite easy. During the primordial period, annual nettle was also a source of food and supplied fiber to manufacture cloth. In effect, the plant was so popular among the people in ancient times that many regarded Urtica urens to be a better quality plant compared to flax and hemp.
Apart from its other uses, Urtica urens has been extensively used for therapeutic purposes. This plant was used to prepare an herbal tea for alleviating fever, treating throbbing muscles and as a remedy for a host of other health conditions. Interestingly, people also discovered that this plant could also be used as an antidote for the sting caused by it. When people identified this exceptional property of Urtica urens, it led to the opening up of an entire new thinking and thought process, which has actually turned out to be homeopathy in present times.
The entire fresh plant is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy urtica urens. The plant is actually diluted to such a level that not even the slightest trace of it remains in the final solution, which is actually the homeopathic medication urtica urens. This homeopathic remedy facilitates the body to naturally cure itself of various dissimilar ailments and restore its health.
Individuals who require the homeopathic remedy urtica urens most are those who are somewhat intolerant and easily become aggravated. Generally, such type of people appears to be restive and find it very difficult to sit still in one place. Owing to the several health conditions they might be enduring, such individuals are usually seen as bad-tempered and red faced. Such conditions may usually lead to reddish or irritated skin as an external symptom.


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