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Flavor Of Valley
Flavor Of Valley

The Palace Ashura

The Palace Ashura

2 cups husked wheat,
1 cup haricot beans,
1 cup chickpea(boiled and peeled)
4 cup sugar,
10 pieces of apricot,
5 pieces dried figs,
1 cup unsalted almonds,
1 cup raisins,
1 cup currants,
2 tablespoon pine nuts,
4 tablespoon of starch,
1 cup of rose water,
to decorate:
Wheat,haricot beans and chickpea sooked night separately.The next day,boiled haricot beans and chickpeas separately and filter.Wheat is put ın a large saucepan with plenty of water,over medium heat stirring occasionally,wheat is cooked thoroughly.Dried figs and apricots boil for separately 1-2 minutes,filtered and chopped into cubes.Take 4-5 scoop of wheat,the robot is drawn well and in saucepan is added.Salt,chickpea,beans,sugar,grapes is added.Cook 20 minutes,stirring lightly.Dissolved starch with rose water after in saucepan is added.Cook 5 minutes more,taken from the quarry.Cover off and rest for 30 minutes.İn bowl is emptied.Over pomegranate seeds,almonds,pistachios decorated with and is served.


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